March 24, 2023

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Providing more testing choices does not increase colorectal cancer screening rates

Offering patients the choice between home screening or in-office colonoscopy does not increase participation in colorectal cancer screening, according to a new Penn Medicine study. However, the framing of choice did impact patient decision-making, as the proportion of colonoscopies—the gold standard for colorectal cancer screening—fell when the home screening option was presented as an available option. This study was published …

Precision drugs could unmask cancers to immune system and boost effects of immunotherapy

Precision cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors have a previously unknown ability to boost the immune system, and could help many more patients benefit from immunotherapy, a new study reveals. Scientists found that PARP inhibitors sparked a powerful immune response when used against cancer cells with weaknesses in repairing their DNA. The study changes our understanding of how PARP inhibitors work—and suggests they …

Melbourne Scientists discover new anti-cancer drugs that can put cancer cells into a sleep state permanently.

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New anti-cancer drugs put cancers to sleep—permanently 8th August 2018 Source: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research In a world first, Melbourne scientists have discovered a new type of anti-cancer drug that can put cancer cells into a permanent sleep, without the harmful side-effects caused by conventional cancer therapies. Published today in the journal Nature, the research reveals the …

Analysis of rare endocrine cancer reveals novel genetic alterations

  In the most comprehensive molecular characterization to date of adrenocortical carcinoma, a rare cancer of the adrenal cortex, researchers extensively analyzed 91 cases for alterations in the tumor genomes. They identified several novel genetic mutations as likely mechanisms driving the disease. They also found that whole genome doubling, wherein a cell has one or more extra sets of chromosomes, …


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